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Electric service certainly have the tools when dealing with combat damage to electronic items. But not the least important equipment engineers ignored that must exist and must be renewed. This is why reform sometimes less satisfactory in the eyes of customers, not to mention its customers very talkative, materials can be discussed later. Then what is the only equipment required?
1. Soldering alhadidadah heat t stained or lead-zero. To select a suitable welding uses selection, for example welding rangkein active as IC or transistor, we recommend using a size 30 watts, while the inactive components can be used. The list component soldier during welding is afraid to be corrupt because it is too hot, but if you want to use the best Ribbit does not prepare its wattage.
2. screwdriver (Dubai property College) each technician needs it, definitely a good screwdriver + (plus) or screwdriver (min), because most electronic equipment dibaut. So a screwdriver to a very important tool for innovation. To choose the type of screwdriver should use that Nice wediogongnia there's a magnet, as the time for departure twist the nut/bolt falls series.
3. Smasher (void) aliktronikabagimana technical service of equipment if you want to remove the IC or component many legs. Enough with a soldier, and will certainly be a problem. Therefore, there are mandatory in order to facilitate the attractor when removing components. How it works is very simple, which sucks our leading heat with a soldier. As a result of solderan will also be more than
4. mtaddhza scale appearance is an important tool to measure current, resistance and voltage electronics circuits. Using multi-defective components to check or measure the voltage on the circuit. Even with this tool we easier find out damage to electronic circuits in the reform. There are two types of digital multiplex system and manually (using the needle pointer). About how to use information technology to be read in
5. tanghahzeh gadgets several types, any worker cutting pliers to cut wires or cables, Tang taper, clamp components hehe Diarra, namely multiple can be used to cut or clamp pliers. So that this tool is very useful when you can select electronic gadgets.
6. barbed mlaktashkl making it easier for us when taking or clamp components in a sensitive area, generally used for components that are too small. Because if we used the hard hand of course. That's why this tool is also very important in renewing electronic goods. perhaps it was just the bare minimum toiletry beginner technician when refurbished electronics devices. Although big time Assistant tool we can use like aossiloskob, brushes, drills, knives, scissors and so on, so little by little if we can have either to buy, better facilitate us in regeneration damage electronics.
Service Manual;
frequency counter,
(audio, radio, square wave etc.) signal generator,
detector signal (audio, radio, digital pulses, infrared etc.),
soldador-desoldador for Tin,
hot air station,
reballing station,
game of magnifying glasses or crystals of increase,
cleaning spray,
cooling spray,
Tester or digital integrated circuit Tester,
capacheck. -Capacitor Tester-

In addition as it is logical, necessary tools for disarmament and assemble mechanical as well as the main and most common components such as structures:

inductors (coils)

To repair an electronic circuit first thing to do is know very well as it is the team working to repair and for that it is necessary the Service Manual where explain the function of each circuit as well as the algorithm for the localization of the fault in the circuits of the same.
Technical Service Manual in hand must be let to the senses tested which is the symptom that gives the team, problems in the generation of the video, defects in the stages of audio, recording defects, defects in reproduction, loss of signal, poor reception, bad transmission.
A Visual inspection to detect burned components, rust on welded joints, faulty welding, swollen or electrolyte poured into the printed board, insects and small reptiles by short-circuiting of components, will be some signs that save time in fault detection.
Images model VA702b where you can see a burnt transistor shows a video of a LCD ViewSonic monitor plate.

The trained ear becomes an instrument for detecting faults in the operation of electronic equipment. We have the example of horizontal oscillation frequency in older televisions and CRT monitors, the vertical frequency, component of 60 HZ in the audio (Hum), the typical noise tic tic, the motoboarding is a low frequency oscillation typical of one defective capacitor, among others, help to locate the circuit module that is failing even the component.
Smell is also a great tool because it gives us an idea of the circuit under review has been subjected to upon heating and if it is working is a typical sign of failure for that reason although no smoke or burned component is observed.
The sense of touch also helps to detect electronic faults because it indicates which component is being subjected to temperatures above 50 ° C and this is the typical case of a capacitor with excessive leakage, transistor or other.
In audio-video equipment, as on almost all modern computers, you must know the manual of technical service of the manufacturer, where the printed circuit each block is located according to their function as it should be avoided as far as possible be poking around in those parts of the circuit that have nothing to do with the symptom of failure.

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